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Yesterday’s conversation with my five-year-old son while he was getting ready for church:

Mom, where is the mission field?

It’s where you serve your mission.

***thinks for a minute and thoughtfully says***

I think I’m gonna serve my mission in a ditch.

(Now, how cute is THAT?!)

Tender Mercies


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Don’t you find it interesting how Heavenly Father aligns you with just the right people for your experiences at just the right moment? Today I visited with a friend who taught me a lot about something that I know very little of.  I deeply appreciate how she has gracefully embraced her own experiences over the past year so that I could learn from her.  I know she didn’t do it for me; she did it for her family.  Nevertheless, I am grateful for her courage to move forward with faith and humility and for teaching me how she did it. The Lord is truly aware of each of us and I am ever grateful for the tender mercies that constantly flow into my life as a constant reminder of this truth.