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Who Am I?


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Most, if not all of the time, I am not conciously aware of who I really am. I rarely operate from that deep down place inside of me on purpose. And yet, I am still that person. It’s as if I believe that knowing who I am will change who I am, but it doesn’t. […]

Hope Comes


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Today I almost called it quits on everything I’ve worked on to get where I’m at by just stopping. It was just too hard and I didn’t think I had another drop of ‘Just keep going’ in me. I wanted to stop journaling. I wanted to stop being curious. I wanted to stop discovering. I […]

My Next 40 Years


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This week I turned 41. 40 has a way of making you look at life differently, but the permanence of my 40’s became real when 41 came up around the bend. Up until now, this blog has been dedicated to the tender mercies in my life. Tender mercies that help me to see beyond paralyzing anxieties. My […]

It is given to me


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Today I was studying 1 Nephi 18 with Jonathan and I was struck by Nephi’s ability to remain humble during his time of afflictions brought upon him by his brothers and wondering to myself, “when will I be like Nephi?” While pondering on these things I was reminded of some challenging events in my life […]

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So…..last week I gave the kids a homework assignment for FHE. They were to search the scriptures and find a verse that DESCRIBED THE KIND OF FAMILY WE WANT TO BE. Only one remembered. The others….not so much. BUT hoping to not be outdone by their sibling, some of them randomly spouted off a reference […]