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My life feels like it’s spinning out of control.  I have two boys in football – I have not done sports for a long time so this is a bit of a culture shock to get back into this.  When I think about what I can do to gain control I have a few ideas that keep rolling around in my head which means I probably need to pay attention to them.

  1. Get back to my basics (what are my basic needs?) i.e. scriptures, prayers, food, sleep, etc. – taking care of the basics helps me to remember and maintain who I am
  2. Declutter/organize to handle the un-anticipated (prioritize what needs this and pace myself)
  3. Make a to-do list every day (or week – haven’t figured this one out yet) and follow through
  4. Don’t waste my energy sweating the small stuff or anything I have no control over – SO not worth it!!
  5. Don’t forget to have fun along the way and laugh a lot!!  No one needs a stressed out woman in their life.  🙂

Well, this sounds like a pretty basic plan….  Sounds easy enough…then why isn’t it?  Seriously, why isn’t it?  This is a loaded question.  Ha, ha!

I received a Priesthood blessing the other night and the only thing in my blessing that has given me any sense of direction in finding answers to this question is the phrase “to be able to handle the changes in my life and to be able to roll w/ the punches”.  Doesn’t that sound like I just need to ride the wave and not worry about anything?  I think I just realized that I need to do what I can to manage myself in the situation, but that I’m not in control of the situation.  Not that it’s in control of me – I’m just not the one calling the shots and I just need to deal w/ them as they come.

Hmmmm….this is a new thought for me.  I suppose that’s why when I visualize what I should be doing to remedy my feelings I can literally visualize myself on a surfboard riding the waves.

Okay.  I can do this.

I still need to be prepared.  A surfer doesn’t just go out into the waves w/o the right equipment or training.  I feel much better now.  Ahhhh, processing is so therapeutic!!

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