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Today I read Mosiah 28 of the Book of Mormon and was so touched by a couple of things that I JUST HAD TO SHARE!

First of all, the Son’s of Mosiah wanted to serve a mission knowing that it MIGHT end in their desired results (see verse 2).  What faith and humility that must have taken – and these were the boys that used to go around tormenting and bullying other members of the Church!  I am touched by the love they have for their Lamanite brethren.  I find myself asking if I could have the same love for those who hated me?

Second of all, you could tell from verse 5 that Mosiah was very hesitant to let them go (they were wanting to visit the Lamanites, after all). How cool is the Lord’s response in verse 7?!  To be told that many would believe on the words of your children, that they would have eternal life, AND that they would be spared from those you fear could do the most harm to those you love.  As a mother of six children I can only imagine the peace that flooded into Mosiah’s heart.

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