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I was blessed with a little epiphany this morning as I was trying to wake up.  I was still asleep yet my mind was clear – crystal clear.  I felt the importance of making and keeping promises being impressed upon my mind just as I was starting to stir.  The thought came and left and I felt it was imperative to record my thoughts so I wouldn’t forget them.  This is what they were:

  1. Making and keeping promises to our children and others around us allows us to practice making and keeping the sacred covenants we make to our Heavenly Father and to those we love.
  2. How we make and keep promises to our children is how they will make and keep sacred covenants to Heavenly Father.  They will follow the path we lead them down thus the importance of teaching this principle with integrity.
  3. The more exact we are about making and keeping our promises the easier it is for us to make and keep sacred covenants of our own free will and choice.

I feel a sense of understanding that I’ve not experienced before and yet it is so simple that I think it is silly that I’ve never made this connection.  How grateful I am to a Heavenly Father that helps me understand things that are right in front of me.  Today I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be obedient to impressions such as this.  I am also grateful for the Holy Ghost’s ability to help me understand a principle in such a simple and clear way.

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