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This week I have learned the importance of not judging others. I watched a very touching video about a young man who had been left at an orphanage and, because of his experiences there, he has been homeless since he was five. At one point in his life he had the opportunity to watch someone perform vocally (I’m guessing opera because that is what he sings) and he was so touched by the music that he had decided that he wanted to sing ever since and worked really hard towards this goal.

He tried out on a national talent show and wasn’t taken seriously because of his circumstances and his appearance and when he started to sing he was amazing. I cried because I had realized how long he had gone w/o being able to share his talent with anyone and because of how incredibly talented this man was. I wondered how many people I have overlooked because of their situations, never giving a second thought to what could be. It was a very humbling experience for me.

On the other hand, I asked to go to lunch with a woman this week who clearly had some misconceptions of me and I wanted the opportunity to clear them up. I was so grateful for the experience I had in communicating my honorable intentions to her and that she was willing and able to believe me. It was hard to be seen as someone I am definitely not and, again, I was left to wonder how many times I may have done this to someone else and feeling a renewed desire to give every one I come into contact with the benefit of the doubt and to build them up in whatever way I can.

I am truly amazed that despite all of our imperfections we are able to still love one another and reach out to each other and communicate the desires of our hearts. Just another testament to me that Heavenly Father really does want us to return back to him and all together.  I also learned that we receive help from him even when we aren’t aware of it. I know the conversation couldn’t have gone very well had it not been for the added help from Him.

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