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About a month ago some stirrings occurred within our hearts (my husband’s and mine) that it is time to put our home up for sale. It came out of nowhere and caught us completely off guard.

What?! Put our house up for sale? NOW?! But we have a Senior in high school and I just accepted a calling that I’ve only been serving in for four months. Really? Now?

And the answer came: Yes. Now.

Okay, we’ll start getting our house ready to sell and put it up after school is out.

No. Now.

Okay, we’ll put it up once the term is over.

No. Now.

Okay, we’ll put it up for sale now.


But where will we go?

Get your home up for sale.

Okay. 🙂


Most often I don’t understand the Lord’s timing, but I do trust it. I’m very interested to see why we needed to get our home up for sale now and where we will end up moving. It’s exciting and terrifying all at the same time. I am learning so much and am humbled by it all and grateful that our whole family is experiencing this together.

The sign goes up tomorrow.


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