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During the Summer we decided that we would hold scriptures at 10:00 a.m. and it worked beautifully!  Since school has started scriptures has been a challenge for us with having to move it to 8:00 in the evening and my husband and I have noticed a dramatic difference.  This, of course, became a topic of discussion between the two of us of great importance. We decided that it really was going to be best for all of us to read together in the morning.  This would mean that we all needed to get up…EARLY.

DH and I decided to hold a family council during FHE to discuss this matter further with our six children.  After a productive discussion we all came to the conclusion that if I would make breakfast so we could be fed spiritually as well as physically everyone would gladly make the sacrifice to get up in time to be ready to read by 6:45.  It was a brilliant plan and the best part was that it worked!…today.

I do not own a pair of rose colored glasses, therefore, I understand that it will be normal to have set backs along the way, but I believe we will all be able to keep this up because of how great it makes us feel.  If you knew our family you would understand the miracle it is for all of us to willingly get up in time for scriptures at 6:45.  No coercion.  No criticism. No complaining.  Just love, service, and sacrifice.  Today I truly stand all amazed!!

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