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Tonight it was my turn to teach family home evening and I didn’t do a very good job at it.  We’re all frustrated with each other this week (due to lack of family scripture reading) so nobody’s really feeling the love these days.  As I explained principles of the gospel I received glares in return.  I would ask questions and a lot of answers were given half-heartedly, almost resentfully, and I found myself feeling more and more frustrated as the lesson went on.  Finally in my bossy and most unpleasant “mother” tone I firmly said, “Can you all answer a little more cheerfully, please?”  Yeah, not one of my finest moments in Family Home Evening history….and I daresay that it won’t be my last, which brings me to my point.  I will be able to do this again in eight weeks (teach a lesson, that is) and not only will I be able to do this again, I can start preparing now to do it again, BETTER.  Repentance is lovely in that it’s an opportunity to evaluate my efforts, realize there is room for change and improvement, counsel with Heavenly Father about those changes, and then make them happen.  I am hopeful as I look eight weeks into my future and am terribly grateful, tonight, for do-overs in every form!!

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